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 Adding More Security To RingCentral’s Cloud-Based Faxing Service

Recently, we also applied this same strategy to our client for BuzzBgone zap product. Around 6 months ago, a medical imaging company contacted North Technologies to find out if our product, RingClone, can provide a solution for a unique challenge they were encountering while upgrading their fax machines. Being in the medical field, this customer […]

 We Just Released Our New Product: RingClone

We are excited to announce the official release of our newest product: RingClone. RingClone seamlessly integrates data for RingCentral users to their Amazon storage, Google Drive, or account. This blog post explains how we found a common, recurring problem many of our customers were facing while using RingCentral as their VOIP provider, and how […]

 Where to Get Funding for Your Business Idea or Startup

When we work with small businesses and startups here in Oklahoma City, we almost always get the question “Where can I find funding for my business idea?” Luckily, we’ve seen this many times before, and we can point our clients in the right direction if they need startup funds, or additional funding for their existing […]

 Just How Business Friendly is Oklahoma City?

Here’s something you may not know about Oklahoma City: Every year (that’s right, every year) since 2012, Oklahoma City has ranked as the #1 place in the country for small businesses by Forbes and Thumbtack. The key factor that Thumbtack uses in that ranking

 Talented People are Flocking to OKC

When nerdwallet ranked Oklahoma City as the #1 place to start a business, one of the most crucial factors was the availability good talent in the population. How Easy Will It Be For Your Business To Find The Right Person For The Job? Read on to find out… In addressing that issue, they wanted to […]

 Business Costs and Living Costs in OKC

The cost of living… The cost of starting a business…No doubt, Oklahoma City is a business-friendly city. It’s easy to obtain start-up funding and the local economy is thriving. When it comes to hiring, it’s easy finding talented people when you can draw from a pool of well-educated residents. However, as attractive as these results […]